Could complexity and systems thinking save the world?

by | 26 Jun 2021

If more people knew a little more about complexity and systems thinking, we could resolve our biggest problems.

But there aren’t enough books about this that are accessible and readable.

There are some fascinating, deep books by the greats of systems thinking and complexity, but many of these tomes are almost impenetrable to someone new to the field.

I help complexity and systems thinkers to write and publish books that spread the principles, practices and stories of these ideas to a wider audience.

I joined the Ship 30 for 30 programme to get practical advice and ideas to practitioners who want to write. Using my experience as an editor and publisher, as well as a systems thinking consultant, I want to help more potential authors structure their book, make it accessible, and edit and produce it to the highest standards.

The world needs:

  • More complexity and systems thinking books
  • Books that are better written and produced
  • A greater diversity of perspectives and authors
  • More books for the general, interested reader

I’ll be writing about coming up with ideas, structuring a book, writing about abstract ideas, storytelling, editing a book and much more.

A successful Ship 30 for 30 will create resources that inspire a complexity or systems thinker to start and finish their book. It also would be fantastic to have the kernel of a community where we can help each other write and spread the word.

Got an idea for a book? Already have a manuscript? Tell me what you would like to hear about. I want you to get your book to more people so we can make a difference.

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