Personal Knowledge Graphs:

Connected thinking to boost productivity, creativity and discovery

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Personal Knowledge Graphs book 3D


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Is your thinking connected?
Do you write, read, research and think for work or leisure? Then you’ll have years of notes, ideas, articles and images. But all those thoughts are decaying. They are stuck in dusty notebooks, forgotten files on old backups and buried emails.
What if…
  • all the thinking you had ever done was live, fresh and connected?
  • adding new knowledge popped up connections to writing and reading you had forgotten?
  • you could travel through your thoughts like surfing the web?
That is connected thinking. That is a Personal Knowledge Graph.
In Personal Knowledge Graphs, experts and researchers explore the latest uses of PKGs. We mine the bumps to productivity, creativity and serendipity that come from a PKG practice. And delve into new developments and novel ways of thinking about and using PKGs to go beyond just linking topics and text.
Want to expand your mind and go deeper with PKGs?
Personal Knowledge Graphs: Connecting Thinking to Boost Productivity, Creativity and Insight will link you to the cutting edge of tools for thought.
Also available as a downloadable graph.


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