Complexity & systems – We don’t need original, but we do need fresh

by | 7 Jul 2021

Your writing or work on systems thinking or complexity does not need to be original.

There is so much about complexity and systems thinking that people need to learn. Frankly, we don’t need new ideas, models, or methods. You should focus on either making new people aware or helping experienced people make what they have, clearer.

We don’t need more “new” ideas before we have spread what we have.

Of course, you shouldn’t copy, plagiarise, or use others’ work without permission or reference, but you should build on what’s been done before.

There is a rich seam of academic thought, analysis of methods, and practice that is screaming out to be opened up to a general audience. If you have a unique view of well-worn theories, let us know. Got a story about practising a method successfully or otherwise? The world needs to hear it. Do you have an insight, a view, a way of explaining a concept that you have never heard expressed? We’re listening.

The field of complexity and systems thinking is awash with theory, comparison and, ironically, analysis.

What we need is more:

  • plainly written, recent and relevant stories
  • clear explanations for a general audience
  • pointers to what people can do “tomorrow morning”
  • connections with others to grow practice and understanding

There are already people doing these things, but we need more from diverse sources that is more accessible so more people can understand the basics, give something a try, and connect to groups and people who can help.

Don’t give us another model or method. Help us apply the one you have.

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